jet yang
taipei, taiwan
Known for his masterful eye looks and his relatable approach to beauty,
Jet is the artist everyone wants to learn from—whether it’s the perfect
smokey eye or bold, graphic liner.
behind the
What made you want to work for Bobbi Brown?
I love Bobbi Brown because it's a brand that empowers women to be confident and inspires me to be a better artist.
What’s the best makeup advice you’ve ever received?
Less is more. Too much makeup will overshadow a woman’s natural, individual beauty.
What’s your best makeup tip to give?
Focus on highlighting the features you love rather than hiding the ones you don’t.
Where do you find inspiration for the looks you create?
My life experience and friends. I love to teach and help them address their concerns.
Do you have any hidden talents?
Before becoming a makeup artist, I was a bartender and pet groomer, so I have some unique skills.
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