with you

When the brand was founded nearly
30 years ago, this was our vision —
and we champion it today. We make
makeup that enhances—not hides—
your true beauty.
shades for all has always been our standard.
We changed the face of beauty in 1992 with 10 original foundation sticks
made for a wide range of skin tones. By creating makeup for all women in
a time when it was generally made for few, we set a standard for diversity
in shades. Just ask the women who wear them.
Unlock your
for fresh,
glowing skin.
Our unique shade philosophy was built on our artist eye,
recognising that achieving the truest skin match required
looking beyond skin’s surface to the natural undertones
that form everyone’s unique skin colour. Revolutionary at
its time, this approach creates a skin-true, fresher match
that evens and corrects in one step. The result: A broad
shade range of undertone-correct, skin-true shades that
deliver fresh, healthy, glowing skin.
beauty is
to create
Beauty comes in many forms, beyond
a product, a routine, a face. It is created
by everyone, but its expression is yours
to create No rules,
just you. What’s your Beauty Truth?